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Thursday, August 9th 2001
Picture of the Week or Month or whenever I feel like updating! ;-)

Her beauty is timeless - Louise Brooks. She was born in Kansas like me, and she even lived in Wichita and ran a dance school here for awhile, after her acting career had ended. She also wrote a book which I own. She was one of a kind. Oh, and she slept with Charlie Chaplin. ;-)

I feel like making a list of my favorite thespians, this was hard because I admire the talents of so many, but here they are:

1. Fredric March
2. Robert Donat
3. Laurence Olivier
4. William Powell
5. Leslie Howard
6. Ronald Colman
7. Lew Ayres
8. Robert Montgomery
9. Franchot Tone
10. Montgomery Clift
11. James Dean
12. Chester Morris
13. Clark Gable
14. Anthony Newley
15. Robert Taylor
16. Spencer Tracy
17. George Raft
18. James Cagney
19. Cary Grant
20. Tyrone Power

There are still others I like, I had to leave 'em out though otherwise I'd be here all night! ;-) I decided to split the silent film acTORs from the ones who were only around when talkies came here are the silent acTORS I like, I like them in talkies too of course:

1. John Gilbert
2. Ramon Novarro
3. Richard Barthelmess
4. Buster Keaton
5. Wallace Reid
6. Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
7. Rudolph Valentino
8. Charlie Chaplin
9. Reginald Denny
10. John & Lionel Barrymore

Now one can't forget the funky females, and there were some really GREAT actresses around back then, so here it goes, btw I have put the silent and the talkie actresses together as I'm tired and feel like being lazy! ;-):

1. Norma Shearer
2. Kay Francis
3. Greta Garbo
4. Joan Crawford
5. Louise Brooks
6. Carole Lombard
7. Mary Pickford
8. Marion Davies
9. Myrna Loy
10. Sylvia Sidney
11. Thelma Todd
12. Bette Davis
13. Veronica Lake
14. Olivia de Havilland
15. Clara Bow
16. Jean Harlow

I got carried away! *pees* OH! HOW COULD I FORGET ALAN *SHINY NOSE* LADD!! *shrieks* The modern day acTORS I like are : Rufus Sewell, Toby Stephens, Jeremy Northam, Samuel West, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson, Sam Rockwell, Giovanni Ribisi.

I am like so into Fredric March all of a sudden. Ever since I saw Nothing Sacred, every performance I've seen him in he is brilliant, he just impressed me SO much. Especially since I hadn't heard of him til awhile back. He didn't win two Oscars for nothing. He's too good for words in my opinion. I highly recommend his films, Nothing Sacred, The Eagle and the Hawk, and The Best Years of Our Lives and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (which for some reason in the film they pronounce Jekyll as JEEKYL *pees* Is that right? I've always said it like it's spelled.) I don't even care if he looks awful in a film. haha. Usually I'm a bit superficial and I like to see my favorite acTORS look their best, but even when I saw him in Best Years of Our Lives with man boobies and burping I still loved him. ;-) HERE'S TO FRED, MAN BOOBIES AND ALL...

Something me and Fred have in common? He was a Virgo like yours truly! YAY! ;-)

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